ABC Address Blocks & Signs Pre-Cast Stone Signs and Address Plaques, Pet Memorial Stones, Personalized Message Stones


    12" x 16" Personalized Crown Recessed Pre-Cast Stone Address Plaque

    • Pre-cast stone, engraved to last a lifetime.
    • Measures 12" tall x 16" wide x 3" thick.
    • Engraved, Painted and Sealed House Numbers.
    Our pre-cast stone address blocks are ready for installation in your brick, stone, stucco, concrete wall or mailbox. New Construction or remodel. Cut out should be 13” x 17” to allow a 1/2” area around the block for mortar application. Set address block by securing in place with wooden shims. (Make sure your shims are tucked back to ensure mortar will cover the shims. Address Blocks come wrapped in plastic. We recommend leaving the plastic on during install to keep the block clean during installation. Simply cut plastic off with a sharp blade right on the mortar line. Address Blocks can be installed flush with your surface or projecting out from your surface. Our address blocks are an off-white color. House numbers are engraved, painted black and sealed, making it easy for your house to be identified quickly.


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